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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the most relevant questions and answers here for our customer concerns. You can ask our support team for more Q/A anytime. We’ll add the relevant questions and answers ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

We prefer excel format because of its huge database capacity and easy-to-use features. Recently, we provide CSV files as well because they’re lightweight, tiny, and accessible with an excel program.

It is not that hard creating thousands of Gmail accounts. Because Google made this pretty easier for users. However, 1000 Gmail accounts are hard because of duplicacy or the same IDs. You need a renowned company or digital service provider for this task. A digital service provider or pva marketer can easily make 1000 unique Gmail IDs instantly or within hours. For example, we provide 20 – 25k Gmail accounts in a day. Our warehouse is always ready with a bunch of Gmail accounts.

Gmail accounts are free to create but people buy Gmail accounts because of verification or tons of Gmail IDs. Moreover, for third-party usage and official purposes, people buy verified Gmail accounts to limit the complexity. A huge amount of digital services can be supported with these Gmail accounts. Furthermore, for a group of companies or institutional purposes, one can buy a bunch of Gmail accounts.

Gmail accounts cannot be created older. You create any Gmail account, it will come as a new one. But to limit the unused Gmail account, we provide or assign pre-made Gmail accounts. We’ve been working since 2010 so we have a bunch of Gmail accounts. These Gmail are called old Gmail accounts. It has some privileges over a new one that’s why people often ask us for old Gmail accounts. You can buy old Gmail 2010 – 20219 as well as newer ones.

Bulk emails are an activity in which an email campaign is immediately sent to a huge group. Commonly bulk emails consist of marketing messages, bulletins, updates, promotions, and invitations. Synonymously with mass e-mail or e-mail blasts, a huge number of subscribers receive a central message. An opted subscribers list and an email marketing platform, such as Campaign Monitor, are all required. There are many different e-mail platforms that you may send bulk e-mails to, but the finest providers do have the most intuitive tools to create, send and deliver. Check out our service page for buying bulk emails.

Google Voice is Google’s voicemail service that allows customers to send free text messages, customize their voicemail, read text transcript voicemail, etc. The voicemail service of Google which previously needed the installation of Google Voice invitation code is now free of charge for all users of Gmail. When you log up to Google Voice, you will receive one telephone number connected to it across devices and locations, functioning with mobile phones, desk handsets, telephones and VoIP lines. This allows consumers to utilize a single number to handle all their phones to let them personalize the phone based on certain callers.

The last thing you may feel like doing is getting a different phone number to add to your list. The last contact you ever need, though, is a Google Voice phone number. This telephone service is ideal for the combination of several communications channels. And that’s one of many other qualities. A lot of individuals juggle with several phones. Most people have several cell phones used for different purposes, but mainly for personal reasons. Some persons may have a second mobile phone number for working communication alone.